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In 2014-2015 I worked as a UX Project Manager for a Click&Collect e-commerce project for UNES (an italian franchise of Supermakets). I and the design team I lead supported UNES in the definition and design of this innovative service: where to collect the bags for customers in the store, how to manage the pick-up, which kind of personalised bags / box to use, how to promote the service, in which stores activate it, …

After the design of the service we proceed with the implementation of the digital touch points ( A dedicated iOS / Android Mobile App + responsive Website). My team was composed by ux & service designers, visual designers, and a digital strategist.

In this project the front-end code was outsourced in India. My main responsibilities were the management of tasks for the design team, the control of quality of design deliverables, costs and man-days monitoring. I was also the main counterpart with our client Unes.

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Ux Project Manager