My Vision on UX Design

I love to simplify things, complex processes and interactions with the end-users. My ideal design is clear, linear, well addressed and prioritised according to users’ needs.  I actively work for a functional design approach. Apps and websites should be primarily digital touch-points for evolved services, clear and simple.

My managerial style

I always give the first high-level direction to the team. Then, I delegate tasks according to competences, trying to exalt and leverage on personal and professional skills. On the one hand, I adopt a mentoring and protective approach towards my team. And on the other hand, in the direction of external stakeholders and direct reports, I’m not afraid to challenge requirements and instructions when I believe that they are not in the direction of a user-centred approach. Nonetheless, always in a constructive and appreciative way and respecting hierarchies and roles. I actively work to find the best solution for users and for the good of the project, not to create problems or affirm positions or principles.

If you ask me…

Nope, I’m a designer and design manager. It’s like being an architect or an architecture project manager. Are they able to pile up bricks, to build up walls, work with wooden panels or iron pillars? They should be able to do so at a basic level, but that’s not their job. Definitely they have an idea of how these things work. That’s the same for me.
Sure I can, but that’s not my focus. My mission is to bring more functional simplicity in services and touch-points. I can work as a UX/UI designer when a Design System is already in place. This means, I assemble screens and enhance user flows / journeys by using UI components and I can create simple visual components.
I’m on a continuous growth path as I believe there is lifelong learning. I want to realise myself as a professional and as a person. I want to grow my current position and find new challenges. I feel like I can still improve and I want to do it.
My deep knowledge and experience on UX / Service design and Design Management. I will bring my enthusiasm, my pragmatic and problem-solving oriented mind-set. I will bring the sense of ownership of tasks and projects which I always transmit and my high quality standards of deliverables.
As a strength, i would list my personal standing, quality of deliverables and my approach, reasonable but result-oriented. As weakness i can say that people around tend to consider me sometimes annoying because i take good care of little details and not everybody consider them so relevant. Also i tend to be very much delivery-oriented and sometimes this is perceived negatively by the more analytical mind-sets. However, from my point of view these points are important being a UX Manager.