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Public Website

Starting from 2015 i’ve led a design team, fully in-sourced at UniCredit in Vienna, with the aim to redesign and evolve the Public Website for 9 UniCredit CEE Banks (Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Bosnia Bl,  Slovenia, Czech, Slovakia, Russia). Main target of the initiative was to increase the leads generation and the sales on this fundamental acquisition channel.

In order to achieve these goals, i carried on a UX strategy based on the simplification of choices, options and configurations presented to the users, and on the quality of contents and copywriting (in order to increase the engagement).

I supported the Chief Product Manager in defining the Design strategy for the Public Website, managed and ensured quality of design deliverables, prepared and ran user tests and workshops and defined data-driven initiatives together with the Analytics team. I was also used to present and negotiate initiatives and design decisions with the business stakeholders (Management, local Banks, IT Dept,…). The project was run in AGILE, with the design team working up-front (dual track AGILE).

My team (1 ux designer, 1 ui designer, 1 front-end developer  and 1 content strategist was in charge of the whole user experience on the Public Website, including the front-end code that was directly integrated into the cms (AEM).

Example of Live website can be seen clicking on the links: Slovenia (homepage), Slovenia (Credit Card comparison), Hungary (Credit Card section), Romania (Personal Loan), …



Main Achievements

+36% Leads generated for the Cash Loan section (sept 2018 – jan 2019).

-89% search of “Contacts” after redesign of the Contacts section to increase visibility (jul 2017 – jul 2018).


Project Info

UniCredit CEE (8 Eastern Europe Banks)




Ux Manager