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Landing page Flexible template

In 2018 i proposed to UniCredit Bank (CEE Retail division in Vienna) to design and develop a flexible, modular,  cms-managed commercial landing page. Aim of this initiative was to increase the marketing capabilities offered by the Public Website in order to effectively promote the Bank’s products. Main KPI was then the increase of number of […]

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Public Website

Starting from 2015 i’ve led a design team, fully in-sourced at UniCredit in Vienna, with the aim to redesign and evolve the Public Website for 9 UniCredit CEE Banks (Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Bosnia Bl,  Slovenia, Czech, Slovakia, Russia). Main target of the initiative was to increase the leads generation and the sales on this […]

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Unified Dashboard for Bank branches

Unique dashboard for the Bank branch employees to perform in a faster and smarter way the most frequent and important tasks for customers (eg: client on-boarding / account opening, reissuing of the cards, …). It features a two-sides interface, for customers facing operations and for task management / branch activities. My team (1 ux designer, […]

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Intranet portal “Place”

“Place” is the first collaborative & social Digital Workplace for Valentino Fashion Group.  It is an advanced Intranet portal,  collecting important information, news, images videos and all the materials from the Fashion Shows. It features integration with external tools for the management of video / image assets.  in the context of the project, I proposed […]

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CEE Web Design System

Starting from 2018, i proposed to UniCredit CEE the development of a Design System to align all the web-based digital touch-points of the Banks in the 8 Countries of the CEE Region. I and the design team (two ui designers and a front-end developer) started to analyse a benchmark of the most advanced Design Systems, […]

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